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I first walked into KJ Strength & Performance in January 2014, nervous, hopeful and determined to make a change in my life. I didn’t realise then that it would be one of the best decisions I have ever made and would change my entire outlook on fitness, nutrition and life. Weighing almost 78kg, I was grossly overweight and unfit, I felt constantly tired and unhealthy, my strength, speed, mobility and endurance levels were at an all time low, and as a result I was unhappy. My dream was to revitalise my competitive career in ITF Taekwon-do and to try to gain selection for the Irish national team again at my weight division of -63kg.
I never imagined just over 12 months after beginning my journey with KJ that not only would I would be selected to represent Ireland in the 2015 World Championships, but that I would become stronger, faster, leaner, more flexible and mobile than ever before. I am in the greatest shape of my life both functionally and aesthetically and there is absolutely no doubt that it is as a result of the dedication, expertise, knowledge and passion for fitness that James and his coaching team possess. I firmly believe they are the very best at what they do. They are devoted to changing the lives of their clients and they are constantly investing in their own learning to ensure we get the greatest training possible and that they are at the peak of what is known in the industry.
I now weigh between 62-64 kg consistently, have gained significant muscle mass, my body fat has reduced dramatically and I have incredible energy and endurance levels. Through James’ help my relationship with food has totally changed and as a result I am eating healthier than ever before. Dangerous crash dieting practices I used to employ to make weight for competitions, only to binge on junk food after are a thing of the past. KJ ensure that my nutritional plan keeps me fueled to perform optimally in my sport and to maintain my competitive weight throughout the year, without any restrictions or energy level depletion. These gains in strength, mobility and speed, as well as confidence has translated to heightened performance in my Taekwon-do training and Taekwon-do tournaments to a level I simply could not achieve without KJ’s coaching and support. I have had success at a national competitive level over the past 12 months, improving each and every competition as my training with KJ continues. I feel that as the world championships inches closer I will be at the peak of my abilities and more prepared than I have ever been before. Training with KJ has given me the greatest chance to be successful at a world level.
From training in the gym, it is clear to me  that KJ is dedicated to working closely with its clients and athletes to not only achieve their goals but surpass their wildest expectations. My transformation is a testament to this. Once James and the coaching team understood my goals they have worked tirelessly to create training and nutritional programmes to cater for my needs and have coached me every step of the way. The education and the constant hands on instruction you receive sets KJ apart from any other gym I have been to. Not only will you get stronger and fitter but you will also constantly learn and gain invaluable knowledge about correct technique, the reasoning behind our nutrition and fitness in general.
The atmosphere in the gym promotes hard work, positive thinking and determination to excel. There is incredible support and friendship within the gym due to James’s work in creating a family environment. There is no trace of negativity during the training and the enthusiasm and belief of all the coaches and members pushes you to do your best. The training is tough, both mentally and physically, and constantly pushes you and challenges you to surpass your perceived limitations. But it is always fun and rewarding and you will be amazed out what you are able to do. I guarantee you will leave feeling happy, confident you are making real measurable progress and will wanting to go back straight away. There is no short cuts or quick fixes but if you dedicate yourself to the training and nutrition regime, listen carefully to James and the coaching team and give it everything you have you will create the body and life you always imagined.
Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, a 60 year old man, a mother of 4, or anyone in between, KJ welcomes everyone and caters for all levels of ability. I trust James and the KJ family emphatically as I know I am receiving the best training possible. Whatever your goals or aspirations, KJ Strength & Performance will make you achieve them. Don’t hesitate in taking the first step. It will be one of the best choices you make and I promise you will never ever look back.