Personal Training is for Everybody.

It is for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a more advanced exerciser or looking for a new challenge, personal training is for you.

Lacking time, energy, motivation to begin or continue with an exercise programme, then personal training could be just what the doctor ordered.

We Will Help You Get Started with a Fitness Programme

Whether you are just beginning with an exercise routine or have been working out for some time but you are not seeing results from your workouts: we can help you get started with a programme.

We will make exercise become part of your life and help you reach your goals safely and effectively.

We Will Help You to Learn the Correct Technique

By hiring a Personal Trainer, you will learn how to perform each exercise using the correct technique, body alignment and breathing patterns, so each muscle group is challenged effectively without the risk of injury.

We Will Provide You with More Challenging Workouts as You Progress

The human body adapts very quickly to a stimulus placed upon it and in order to keep the body guessing, gradual progressions will be added to your workouts.

We Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether your fitness goal is to complete a 10K run, a marathon, drop a dress size or simply have more energy to keep up with the kids, an individual programme will be ‘custom made’  for you to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Your progress will be monitored throughout the programme to help you achieve the results you desire.

Dietary Analysis

A well balanced nutritional programme is a very important part of your success in losing weight or reaching your fitness goals. Nutrition and fitness go ‘hand in hand’.

You cannot have one without the other. During your programme, you will be given weekly food diaries to keep track of your dietary habits, along with handouts and recipes to help you make better food choices.

A good nutrition plan will give you more energy, help your muscles recover after your workouts and help you lose weight and keep it off long term.

Continual Motivation, Encouragement and Support

We all have our ‘bad days’ whether it’s at home or at work and at these times, it’s very easy to postpone our workouts for another day.

By training with a trainer, you will have continued motivation, lots of encouragement and support to help you focus on your workouts & manage stress in a healthy way.

Individual Training

As no ‘two people’ are alike, & people have different fitness goals or aspiratPERSONAL TRAINING ELDERLYions, customised fitness programmes are designed with your individual needs in mind. You will get 100% attention for the duration of the session.

The workouts are designed with only you in mind, which will help you reach your goals & make exercise become part of your life.

Prices and Packages

  1. Personal Training  (One to One)

€35 per hour

Bulk / Block Sessions of 8, 16 or 24 are available

** Buy sessions in bulk/block and avail of discounted rates.**

  1. ‘Bride To Be’ Programme

3 Months duration / 24 sessions – contact me for a quote

  1. ‘Bring a Friend’ / Couple Programme        

2 People Being Trained Per Session

€25 Per Person per hour (€50 Total)

  1. Email / Phone Support

Keep ‘On Track’ with your workouts AND Keep ‘In Touch’ with your trainer in between your sessions, can be included as an ‘Optional Add On’ to any purchase of Bulk Sessions / Packages (i.e. 8, 16 or 24 Sessions).

€20 Per Person Per 8 Sessions

€40 Per Person Per 16 Sessions

€60 Per Person Per 24 Sessions

Personal Training Sessions are approximately 60 mins duration.

Initial consultation for all Personal Training Bulk / Block Sessions / Packages are Free of Charge. Please contact us for further information on prices and packages available.

Results may vary.

Results are based on individual circumstances.

Time frames for results are not guaranteed.
 Willpower is always required!