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Sure! Check out our pay as you go PAYG classes.

Each class is one hour long. This included a dynamic warm up, a strength phase and a conditioning phase. Every class will be different as we strive to make the classes challenging and exciting by never really letting you know whats coming up next. You will find that there could be months / years between doing the same workout again.

The conditioning phase that we do is what most people associate with CrossFit. The aim of this part is to work up a sweat and improve the efficiency of your cardio respiratory system to deliver more oxygen around the body faster. This could involve anything from running, push ups and squats, or skipping, pressing and pulling, the combinations are endless. The intensity here is determined by your level of fitness and you will be pushed out of you comfort zone because this is where the magic happens

We place a high emphasis on attending our classes due to the fact that results achieved while training with other people is far superior than training on your own! But as with everything in life it’s hard to keep to an exact schedule, if you have been training with us for some time and you are performing exercises safely and effectively you can use the gym during our open gym sessions. This option is only available to members with unlimited memberships.

Not at all, whether you are a highly fit athlete, someone that has been out of fitness for a couple of years or someone that is taking up fitness for the first time all are welcome here at KJ Strength and Performance. All exercises and weights can be adapted to your own individual level so you get an optimum workout done.

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