KJ Strength and Performance Gym was established in 2012 in order to provide a centre for power lifters and strength athletes to excel through top class programming, coaching and also a wealth of in competition experience. Proprietor James Higgins’ objective is to get you:


The gym provides a vast range of services from personal training sessions and fitness classes to nutrition programmes and injury rehabilitation. The centre differs to many commercial gyms as ‘We put a big focus on each individual: what their goals are, their abilities and how we can improve each individuals strength and performance’.

Here at KJ their objective is to help you make switches to your lifestyle, make better choices and craft new habits. Fitness and nutrition will become like brushing your teeth, part of your daily routine.


A “commercial Gym” might only charge you €30 a month but what are you really getting out of that? How quickly are you reaching your fitness goals? Don’t you want to train in a place where you will constantly be challenged both physically and mentally, and where everyone is striving for constant improvement? It’s time you finally give in and let KJ make you stronger, fitter and in better shape than you ever were before. Don’t worry or feel intimidated if you are “unfit” as the program can be scaled to your own individual abilities.

Many of our classes are pay as you go click n check these out